It is other group of a big power as the commonwealth, the UNO and NAM. European Union is associations of the European Nations. The European Union came from what was termed as  European Economic Community (EEC)which was formed by six countries when they signed a treaty of Rome in March 1957

These countries included Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Italy and federal Republic of Germany . By 1967 the European Economic Community changed name into European Community (EC) creating a single Commission, a single Council of Ministers, and the body known today as the European Parliament.

But by 1993 in November the European Union came into being when they ratified the Maastricht treaty .At the time fifteen countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden became the full members of European Union (EU).At the moment it is formed by 27 European countries including the founder of (EEU) and (EC).

The aims / Objectives of the European Union include the following

  • To make common policies this would promote agriculture, industry, transport and social issues.
  • To facilitate free movement of labour, capital and services to the member countries.
  • To encourage Co-operation in trade by removing high trade tariffs on the goods of the members and establish the Common tariffs in trade with non European Members (EU) Members.
  • To work together to achieve closer union between the European people in order to improve the living standard of the people in the community.
  • Formation of the common currency which would insure easy transaction trade and investment

Organs/ Structure of the European Union

The Organs which were created to run the union include the

  • Executive commission which proposes policies to the members.
  • The council of Minister which has foreign affairs ministers of the member countries to make general policy decisions.
  • The European parliament which deals with consultative powers.
  • The count of justice with 13 judges to settle conflicts and other human right matters.

The role of the European Union in Maintaining world peace and understanding

Like UN, the Commonwealth and NAM the European Union plays great role in maintenance of International peace and understanding as follows:-

  1. Cooperates with other big powers to impose sanction to the countries which abuses human rights and threaten world peace and understanding. For example sanctions have been put to the countries like Iran, Zimbabwe, Cuba and recently in Libya.
  2. The European union’s members have participated in sending peace keeping forces (troops) through NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) .This include Germany, Britain, France and so forth.
  3. European Union members provide assistance in term of technical assistance and financial assistance to the Lowest Developed countries ( LDC’s)
  4. The European Union protects the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries to impose tariffs on industrial products from European Union in order to protect their home industries.
  5. European Union provides scholarship for science students from third world countries in European Union’s countries.
  6. Also the European Union members participates in the Stabilization of Export Earning (STABEX) to the third world countries. This encompasses some   compensation losses on the raw materials which are exported to the developing countries
  7. Sending General election observers in various countries of the world. This has been done to observe if the democratic principles are followed in a particular country holding general election.

However, even though  the big powers  contributes  in maintaining world peace and understanding   their efforts have yet not contributed in maintaining  world  peace and understanding this is because the world is still inflicted with:-

  1. Natural catastrophes such as diseases, drought, flood and environmental degradation.
  2. Political instability in the countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan (parts of Darfur).
  3. Poverty is still inflicting the third world countries in Latin America, Pacific – Caribbean, Africa and Asia.
  4. HIV/AIDS is still costing the life of many people in the third world countries.
  5. Civil wars and interstate wars example Israel and Lebanon war (in 2006) Eritrea and Ethiopia as well as Israel and Palestine (coupled with suicide bomb).
  6. Weapons making (armament) in many countries have threaten world peace and understanding. Some chemical, biological and nuclear weapons have manufactured which disturbs world peace and understanding.
  7. The widespread of International crimes have evidenced, for example terrorism activities on which the world big powers have failed to contain it.

In order to maintain world peace and understanding the International community should put some standards (Law and regulations on the best ways of maintaining world peace and understanding and avoid measures such as application of sanction, military attacks, just mention   a   few instead of maintaining   world peace they have distorted it.



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