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Item Response Analysis (CIRA) Report in Chemistry subject 2022

Item Response Analysis (CIRA) Report in Chemistry subject 2022
Item Response Analysis (CIRA) Report in Chemistry subject 2022

Item Response Analysis (CIRA) Report in Chemistry subject 2022

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The Candidates’ Item Response Analysis (CIRA) Report in Chemistry subject on the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) 2022 has been prepared to provide feedback to teachers, candidates, parents, policy makers and the public in general about the performance of the candidates and the challenges they experienced in attempting the examination.

The Certificate of Secondary Education Examination is a four-year summative evaluation, which among other things, shows the effectiveness of the education system in general and the education delivery system in particular.

Essentially, candidates’ responses to the examination questions is a strong indicator of what the education system was able or unable to offer to the candidates in their four years of secondary education.

The analysis presented in this report provides some insights on the performance of the candidates in Chemistry subject.

The analysis indicates that the candidates who scored high marks had adequate knowledge of the tested concepts in Chemistry, and managed to apply mathematical skills in responding to some questions.

However, those who scored low marks lacked adequate knowledge about the subject matter and failed to identify the demands of most of the questions.

In addition, the candidates with low scores had insufficient mathematical skills and English language proficiency.

The feedback provided in this report will enable education administrators, school managers, teachers and candidates to identify proper measures to be taken to improve candidates’ performance in future examinations administered by the Council.

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania appreciates the valuable contribution of all individuals who enhanced the preparation of this report in various capacities

Uchambuzi wa Majibu ya Watahiniwa katika Mtihani wa Kiswahili wa Kidato cha Nne mwaka 2022

This report analyses the performance of the candidates who sat for the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) 2022 in Chemistry subject.

The Chemistry examination was set according to the 2019 CSEE format, which was developed from the 2007 Chemistry syllabus for ordinary level secondary education.

The examination consisted of two papers, namely 032/1 Chemistry 1 (Theory paper) and 032/2 Chemistry 2 (Actual practical paper).

The theory paper comprised of sections A, B and C.

Section A consisted of two objective questions. Question 1 consisted of ten multiple choice items, while question 2 consisted of five matching items.

Each item in question 1 and 2 carried one mark, making a total of 10 marks for question 1, and 5 marks for question 2.

Section B consisted of ten-short answer questions which carried 10 marks each.

Section C comprised two essay questions which carried 10 marks each. The candidates were required to answer all the questions in sections A and B, and only one question from section C.

The practical paper had 3 alternative papers, namely 032/2A Chemistry 2A, 032/2B Chemistry 2B, and 032/2C Chemistry 2C.

Each alternative paper consisted of two compulsory questions, carrying 25 marks each.

A total of 155,007 candidates sat for the Chemistry examination in CSEEE 2022.

The overall candidates’ performance was good as 93.68 per cent of the candidates passed the examination.

The candidates’ performance in 2022 has increased by 1.66 compared to the candidates’ performance in 2021, which was 92.02 per cent (see the Appendix).

The analysis report comprises five sections. The first section provides the introduction which covers the background information, rubric and summary of the candidates’ performance.

The second section presents the analysis of the candidates’ performance in each question.

This section is supplemented with copies of actual scripts (extracts) showing sample of candidates’ responses.

The third section covers the analysis of candidates’ performance topic-wise, while the fourth section offers conclusion and recommendations.


Item Response Analysis report (CIRA) for the Chemistry subject 2022.


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