Nouns are the group of words that tell the names of people, things, places, animals and concepts E.g pen, Juma, Hemedi, Mororgoro, Dar es Salaam, boy, girl, book, cake, table, money, computer etc.


There are several types of nouns, these are:

  1. Proper nouns
  2. Common nouns
  3. Countable nouns
  4. Uncountable noun
  5. Concrete nouns
  6. Abstract nouns
  7. Collective nouns

Proper nouns

This is the kind of nouns which describe the names of the specific/particular people, place, and month of the year and days of the week. Eg. John, Mary, Asha, Amina, Mororgoro, Mwanza, Kihonda, Monday, October etc.

Characteristics of proper nouns

1. Their initial letter is capitalized or proper nouns are always written with a capital letter at the beginning. Eg. Juma, Monday, September, India, Tanzania etc.

2. They do not receive an articles (a , an & the) Eg. Juma not a Juma, John not the John, Ally not an Ally, Abasi not an Abasi, Morogoro not the Morogoro, Mariam not a Mariam etc.

3. They do not have plural forms Eg. James not jameses, Henry not Henries, Kigoma not Kigomas, Aboud not Abouds, Mriam not Mariams, Abasi not Abasis etc.

Common nouns

This is the kinds of nouns which tell names of things, people and places which are not specific. Eg. Boy, girl, book, car, bicycle, fane, door, window, table, house, road, tree, pen, pencil etc.

Characteristics of common nouns

1. Their initial letters are written in small letters unless they begin a sentence. Eg. Book, road, mountain, money, market, school, chalks, flower, shop, knife, pencil, pillow, jag etc.

2. They receive articles or they can be used/ preceded with articles Eg. a cup, an orange, an apple, a wife, a nation, a language, a tree, the ways, the ground, the hospital etc.

3. They have plurals/they can be put in plural forms Eg. Boy – boys, orange – oranges, table – tables, bag – bags, region – regions, skirt – skirts, shirt – shirts, plate – plates etc.

Countable nouns

These are nouns which can be easily counted Eg. Books, pens, shops, cars, pencils, mango, cups, tomatoes, roads, churches, trees, guns, buckets, pillows, bananas, apples etc.

Non countable nouns

These are nouns which name things that cannot be counted easily E.g. water, oil, sand, sugar, salt, soil etc.

Concrete nouns

These are nouns which name things that can be seen or touched. E.g. table, chair, stone, paper, car, bus, computer, dog, salt, sand, egg, Juma, John, Mountain, tree, bicycle etc.

Abstract nouns

These are nouns that name things which cannot be easily seen or touched believed to exist E.g. God, angels, hell, devils, sprit, wisdom, air, truth, lies etc.

Collective nouns

These are nouns which are used to name things or people in groups. E.g. bunch, swarm, crowd, gang, tribe, village, nation, board, troop, army, band, flock etc.


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