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New Job Opportunity at Ngorongoro Safari Lodge Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Security Manager (SM)

New Job Opportunity at Ngorongoro Safari Lodge Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Security Manager (SM)

New Job Opportunity at Ngorongoro Safari Lodge Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Security Manager (SM)

Job Overview

Position: Chief Security Officer (CSO) / Security Manager (SM)

Company: Ngorongoro Safari Lodge
Location: Karatu- Arusha
Position: Chief Security Officer (CSO) / Security Manager (SM)
Reports to: General Manager.

Ngorongoro Safari Lodge is a high end five-star lodge in Arusha- Karatu area currently has available a position for Chief Security Officer/Manager. We are seeking an individual that has at least 5yrs experience, a clean record and Military experience.
Please apply by email with Resume, qualifications, availability, and a cover letter demonstrating suitability for the position.

Position Summary:

As a Security Chief Officer you will be responsible for the wellbeing, safety and security of all hotel guests, employees, their belongings and hotel assets.

You will be responsible in ensuring that all hotel properties are always safe and secure.

You will be responsible for managing your team of security officers.

Their work rosters, job performance and wellbeing.

You will also be required to present daily reports, records of comings and goings, requisitions, inter office memos as well as accurate reports of any incidents or misconduct.

Security Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

Direct and coordinate the activities of all security personnel.

Ensure that all security staff provides services that are above and beyond for customer satisfaction and retention.

Ensure the safety and security of guest, staff, visitors and contractors at all times.

Responsible to manage all safety & security.

Liaise with all department heads to ensure hotel employees are adhering to established security procedures.

Record and notify all risks, deviations from hotels safety standards and any untoward incidents.

Oversees first aid program for guests and employees.

Assign duties and schedule security staff for balancing needs of the hotel and productivity standards.

Monitor security staff activity and coach subordinate performance.

Watch for suspicious persons entering, exiting, or loitering around the hotel public or guest areas.

Follows up on all unusual activities in and around the property that would impair the wellbeing of guests and employees.

Ensure compliance with all security standards and preventative measures.

Monitor and follows proper key control guidelines in loss prevention and in the property.

Conduct investigations and compile reports on a timely manner for any incidents, theft, loss, accidents or any aspect that risk the safety of the hotel.

Handles complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances and conflicts, or otherwise negotiating with others.

Develop and advise key personnel of emergency procedures.

Implements action plans to monitor and control risk.

Establish crisis management and contingency planning.

Conduct regular walk-through rounds for observing the entire hotel.

Supervision of all Security Personnel and giving clear direction on all security related aspects.

Coordinate with external police authorities in the investigation and handling of crimes, accidents, involving the hotel, its employees.

Perform all tasks consistently in line with the hotel standards and adhere to all legal and statutory requirements.

Review and train new security officers according to hotels standards to maintain order throughout the hotel.

Be available 24 hours a day for genuine emergencies within the property.


Fluency in Kiswahili and English both written and spoken

Diligent in safety and security policies and procedures all times

2-year degree from an accredited university or equivalent Security/ Military training

Proficiency in Computers, Fire and Safety systems, emergency first aid.

At least 5 years of experience in corporate security /military preferably worked in the hospitality environment.

Please send your application and resume not later than 30th JULY 2022 to [email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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