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New Job Opportunity at Jambo For Development Internal Auditor

Job Opportunity at Jambo For Development Human

New Job Opportunity at Jambo For Development Internal Auditor

Job Overview

Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor will adopt systematic and disciplined audit approaches to evaluate and
improve the effectiveness of the organization’s risk management, control, and governance
processes of JFD. Whilst risk management responsibility is that of the Board of directors,
she/he is the main instrument for its implementation and improvement.
An internal auditor is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that proper checks are
carried out to ensure accuracy of accounting systems and procedures.
The Internal Auditor function is responsible for developing, directing, and coordinating a
comprehensive internal audit program, which supports improvement of the risk
management of JFD.


Internal Auditor will have the following duties and responsibilities:

Carry out a full audit of the organization; including accessing risk and taking the
necessary risk management steps to forestall fraud.

Ensure control management regarding financial reliability and compliance by making
sure that directions and regulations are strictly adhered to.

Monitor actions taken by management in response to audit reviews, ensuring that all
agreed audit actions and recommendations are accurate and timely implemented.

Work closely with external or visiting auditors and support their audit process.

Ensure that audits are performed with due professional care and there are credible
audit observations, conclusions, and recommendations.

Obtain, analyze, and evaluate accounting documentation, reports, and data.

Act objectively by giving independent advice in order to ensure legality and achieve
organizational goals.

Maintain and improve on existing open communication with the management.

Assist to document the audit process and prepare audit findings. Also, prepare and
present reports that clearly reflects the audit results.

Strive to continuously develop knowledge in the sector regarding rules, regulations,
best practices, techniques, and performance standards.

Perform periodic variance analysis to ensure project and overhead expenses are kept
within budget.

Perform any other duties that may be assigned by Executive Director.

Please apply in English using your CV (including education, internships, working experiences
and employments) and covering letter (as a motivational letter why you are interested in this
position and Jambo For Development) as a single document. Also include actual and
expected annual gross compensation for this position and references from former working

Please send your application to [email protected]


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