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Job Opportunity at UNDP, Paris Pact Liaison Officer


Job Opportunity at UNDP, Paris Pact Liaison Officer

Mission and objectives

UNODC’s mission is to contribute to global peace and security, human rights and development by making the world safer from drugs, crime, corruption and terrorism.


The Paris Pact Initiative is a global advocacy platform at the highest political level for concrete action aimed at reducing the traffic in opiates, the cultivation of opium poppy and the production and global consumption of opiates by prioritizing technical assistance.

The Paris Pact is the only global cooperation mechanism dedicated to illicit opiates and serves to identify counter narcotics priorities and highlight efforts taking place to combat opiate trafficking along major routes. The partnership consists of 81 partner countries and international and regional organizations. The Paris Pact Initiative’s work is guided by the four pillars of the Vienna Declaration, serving as the partnership’s framework of response to the international commitments aimed at countering traffic in narcotic drugs and addressing links with other forms of organized crime. The four pillars are:

  1. strengthening and implementing regional initiatives;
  2. detecting and blocking financial flows linked to illicit traffic in opiates;
  3. preventing the diversion of precursor chemicals used in illicit opiates manufacturing in Afghanistan; and
  4. reducing drug abuse and dependence through a comprehensive approach.
Job Opportunity at UNDP, Paris Pact Liaison Officer

Task description

As a part of the Paris Pact programme team, the incumbent will undertake the following tasks:

Establish, liaise and maintain good working relationships at the field level with counterparts at relevant national agencies as well as Government, UN and specialized agencies and international and regional organizations with functions/activities linked to the mandate of the Paris Pact;

Act as a focal point for all Paris Pact – related matters, assist in the implementation and monitoring of Paris Pact activities within the respective geographic area of responsibility;

Support the four thematic pillars of the Vienna Declaration by advocating on behalf of all aspects of the Paris Pact Consultative Mechanism including but not limited to supporting relevant expert identification, participation and follow-up of the Paris Pact Policy Consultative Group Meeting and Expert Working Groups organized by Paris Pact Coordination Unit;

Produce and regularly update Paris Pact Country Fact Sheets which consist of a compact summary of statistics related to drugs, at the national level; facilitate exchange of data relevant to Paris Pact’s mandates between national authorities and UNODC;

Assist in linking relevant stakeholders, experts, authorities on drugs with the Paris Pact project; represent Paris Pact project at relevant country and/or regional events as delegated by the Paris Pact Coordinator;

Support where relevant to the Paris Pact mandate, capacity building activities, surveys, workshops, and other activities spearheaded by UNODC;

Support Paris Pact Coordination Unit in gathering information relevant to Paris Pact and its dissemination via the Paris Pact web portal; advocate and promote the use of the portal among Paris Pact partners and other stakeholders;

Support the Paris Pact Coordination Unit in building and maintaining a pool of national experts and focal points relevant to Paris Pact’s four thematic pillars;

Keep abreast of latest drug related trends and developments in the country; Support Paris Pact Coordination Unit and other sections of UNODC in maintaining an updated understanding on the national drug situation and trends;

Compile Monthly and Quarterly reports for the Paris Pact Coordination Unit and identify areas requiring Paris Pact Coordination Unit /UNODC HQ-led action and follow-up;

Assist Paris Pact Coordination Unit in drafting and compiling of reports and various documents in support of programme development and implementation;

Undertake substantive document translation into local languages on matters pertaining to the four priority areas of the Vienna Declaration;

Perform other duties upon request.



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