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Job Opportunity at Serengeti Breweries Limited, Sales Executive

New Job Opportunity at Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) Team Leader-Packaging

Job Opportunity at Serengeti Breweries Limited, Sales Executive

Sales Executive 

Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) is a fully integrated beverage business in Diageo Africa (supply and demand for beer and spirits).

SBL flagship brand is Serengeti Premium Lager. Other brands in the portfolio include Serengeti Lite, Guinness, Pilsner and SIB. Headquartered in Dar es Salaam, SBL is also the distributor of several global Diageo international renowned spirits brands such as Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Gordon’s, Bailey’s and Captain Morgan.

Scope of the role

Primary accountability is to deliver business year NSV and Volume outlined by Line Manager. (NSV 2.5-3 BLN TZS).

He/she will manage a district – distributors, stockists and execution in outlets

Purpose of Role

The Sales Executive will manage an assigned geographical area which may include towns/villages and several distributor territories in terms of achieving the primary and secondary sales targets/ distribution and other Key Performance Indicators. Lead and motivate Area Distributors, VSM’s and their staff in his/her assigned area to achieve the planned volume, market share, NSV and NR targets

Leadership Responsibilities and Decision Making Rights

Work with the commercial teams to ensure their commitment and engagement in the plans, in order to deliver flawless execution. Close working relationship with SBL marketing, supply and finance.

Top 3-5 Accountabilities

Coaching & Accompaniment of VSM’s – SE are responsible for coaching as part of Diageo’s toolkit.

Area Distributor Primary and Secondary Sales Performance Management SE is responsible for Secondary sales management through stockiest and retail. On primary he/she will be working with Distributor manager to drive primary sales plan that was agreed with Distributor. Responsible for management and execution in Top 10-15 outlets including stockiest. He/she takes orders and passes them to VSM or distributor and ensures delivery. Adhere to own journey plan of stockiest, top outlets.

From time to time SE will be representing Distribution Manager to communicate with Distributor. On secondary sales, SE have two fronts; communicating with Distributor on secondary sales initiatives, training and driving of VSMs on sales Force effectiveness to achieve targets. Secondary sales initiatives includes but not limited to agreeing secondary sales initiatives with Customer Marketing and managing those secondary sales initiatives. Some of the secondary sales initiatives include 3-wheeler project, stockiest incentive etc.

New Distribution point Appointment – Identification of potential areas for new distributors and stockiest. This is to facilitate effective and efficient stock movement to achieve primary and secondary sales target for his/her area. It also include understanding and owning KYC process for recruitment of new business partners.

Account Development: He/she will be responsible for joint activities that are done between Top outlets and SBL to increase sale and market share. These may include;

Outlet execution for certain sales drivers to pull consumer towards certain brands/category i.e., Outlet visibility, price initiatives, consumer offers/promotions etc.

Innovation drive to push for innovation brand

Price compliance and availability

POS and visibility; cooler execution

Listing of new sku’s and new brands

Drive sales and inform distributor of empties, OOS etc.

Collect competitive intelligence

Execute nationally coordinated activations in outlet

Distributor Health and Profitability – She/he is responsible for growing his/her distributor by being a logistic provider to a strategic partner with SBL.

Measures shall be distributor operation are improving in quality  in terms of ordering, receiving and distribution of stock, efficient in secondary distribution in terms of trucks, routes and staff capability, and automation of distributor operations. He will be working with Distributor Manager to make sure the distributor remain profitable throughout. He will also make sure SBL operates in an efficient way with distributor on making sure our investments with distributor have a healthy return on investment. He/she will be responsible on highlighting red flags whenever distributor operations and performance are jeopardizing SBL objectives.

Qualifications and experience required


Must have at least college graduate (Diploma and above) with mathematical and analytical skills, preferably business administration.

PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES: Must be excellent in interpersonal communication, self-initiator, must be able to work with low supervision, must have an analytical mind and ambitious to reach high targets, must be able to take business related initiatives to produce positive business results. Must always be wearing clean and presentable branded clothing, must be shaved and showered every day as he is representing SBL in front of the distributors, retail customers and consumers.

SKILL SET: Must have salesmanship skills, communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, basic calculation and mobile device using skills, must be able to drive vehicles in an excellent manner and be able to lift 18 kg crates with no problem.



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