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Job Opportunity at Old Mutual /UAP Insurance, Administration Specialist (OMAO)

Job Opportunity at Old Mutual /UAP Insurance

Job Opportunity at Old Mutual /UAP Insurance, Administration Specialist (OMAO)

Job Description
To monitor the various reinsurance arrangements including treaty and facultative reinsurance protection for all classes of business written by the company in line with the companies operating manuals

Key outputs

The following key outputs are required from this role.

To perform routine reinsurance administrative duties, such as maintaining records.

To verify and process payments for reinsurance companies by providing status reports on payments.

To organize and prepare monthly and quarterly reports on reinsurance

To record reinsurance information accurately.

To perform reconciliation of premium billing statements, WHT tax calculations and maintain various reinsurance registers.

To provide guidance to underwriting, claims and finance teams on reinsurance.

Train new staff on the Reinsurance product

Deliverables (work elements)

The following detailed outputs are required from this role.

To analyze the risks accepted and ensure risks are yielded properly

To obtain all necessary underwriting information required to place the risk in the reinsurance market.

To arrange proper reinsurance protection as and when required

To manage the administration of the reinsurance activities

To monitor timely submission of closing and accounting documents as well as for settlement of premium recovery of claims from reinsurers

To maintain accuracy of reinsurance contracts with reference to original terms at which reinsurance is accepted

To maintain efficient communication lines between the company and brokers

To prepare reinsurance underwriting and claims statistics on a regular basis and update the same at periodic intervals as per requirements.

To review reinsurance payments/recoveries relating to reinsurance premium, commissioning and claims



BA: Actuarial Science (Required)

The deadline for submitting the application is 08 April 2022.



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