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Job Opportunity at Old Mutual – Risk & Compliance Officer

Risk & Compliance Officer

Job Opportunity at Old Mutual – Risk & Compliance Officer

Risk & Compliance Officer  
Full Time

Dar es Salaam

This role is individually accountable for assisting the BU in establishing and embedding a culture of compliance as well as ensuring that risk processes are implemented at BU level. The individually is accountable for achieving results through own efforts over periods of up to 3 months

1. Challenges risk management information received from reporting entities

2. Ensures risk processes (risk assessment, identification, management, reporting and optimization) are occurring at BU level

3. Provides knowledge of systems/supporting guidance, procedures and assists the business in implementation of risk issues

4. Provides oversight for risk management activities ensuring Group Risk Policy statements are met

5. Identifies applicable legislation and analyses the impact thereof on the BU and applies this to BU processes and procedures

6. Ensures compliance by the BU with applicable legislation by means of the implementation of compliance risk management and monitoring plans

7. Ensures monthly risk control logs are updated and follows up with various Line Managers

8. Performs quarterly compliance audits on processes

9. Performs monthly quality assurance audits on claims processes

10. Compiles monthly reports (standing reports) on issues identified and reports on actions taken to rectify the problem

11. Reports compliance breaches to management on a monthly/quarterly basis

12. Facilitates and in appropriate circumstances partakes in, remedial actions developed by the BU to help eliminate noncompliance with legislation and regulation


Accountable, Auditing, Audits Compliance, Compliance Risk Management, People Management, Risk Compliance, Risk Control, Risk Management, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Bachelors Degree (B): Accounting Finance (Required)

The deadline for submitting the application is 02 June 2022.



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