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Job Opportunity at KOICA – Safety Coordinator

Job Opportunity at KOICA - Safety Coordinator

Job Opportunity at KOICA – Safety Coordinator

Safety Coordinator 

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was established on April 1991 as a government-funded agency dedicated to grant aid programs for socio-economic development. KOICA strives to combat poverty and support sustainable socio-economic growth of partner countries. By doing so, we aim to promote friend­ly and cooperative relations with them.

KOICA Tanzania office has been serving the United Republic of Tanzania since 2002 in realizing the devel­opment targets of TDV 2025 and its sectoral development strategies. In continuing its endeavours, KOICA Tanzania embarked Country Plan for Tanzania since 2019, and investing in 3 major areas – health, education and rural economic development.

Overview of the position

KOICA selects and dispatches KOICA overseas volunteers with relevant capabilities and expertise at the request of partner countries. The volunteers are mainly responsible for education and technology transfer at government departments and public educational institutions.

The Safety Coordinator will be responsible for engaging in security and safety management and handling for KOICA staffs, experts, volunteers and persons concerned.

Key duties and responsibilities

The Safety Coordinator will be responsible for the following duties under supervision of Korean safety officer;

Engages in security and safety management for KOICA staff, experts, volunteers, and related personnel.

Monitors country security situations related to crimes, transportation issues, disasters, disease outbreak, weather situation, legal issues and reports to supervisor.

Maintains continuing lines of communication with security focal points and all other agencies involved in KOICA missions to ensure maximum security coordination.

Assesses daily prevailing local security conditions, identifying security trends and advising KOICA staff, volunteers, or related personnel on potential security problems.

Maintains an ongoing evaluation of air, land and sea evacuation routes and resources for use in emergencies, ensuring the availability of vehicles, aircraft, vessels, fuel supply and assessable roads

Maintains office security by conducting security inspections of facilities, background checks, entry control and management of drivers.

Provides advice and training to KOICA staff, experts, volunteers, and related personnel on security measures.

Maintain liaison with other international organizations including JICA, Peace corps.

Ensures availability of emergency communications system by making periodic checks to determine if system is functioning properly; arranges for necessary repairs or adjustments.

Investigates accidents involving KOICA vehicles and prepares report of findings.

Investigates security-related incidents involving KOICA staff members, experts, volunteers, and related per­sonnel and prepares report of findings.

Supports a Korean safety officer for all safety and security issues.

Performs other duties, as assigned.

Required skills and competencies

Needs to have background in law enforcement with knowledge of local law understanding of the investigative and judicial processes

Safety and security (including Public Health) work experience. More than 5 years of experience is an asset

Experience working with relevant ministries/international organization would be an advantage

Must be fluent in English and Kiswahili languages

Must be computer literate

Ability to respond to emergency calls and situations

Experience working in the multi-cultural environment


“Required documcnts (Covcr letter, CV, Capacity statements or Mission statements) have to be submitted via E-mail: [email protected] with deadline is 2nd of May at 5:00pm.”


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