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Job Opportunities at | Nafasi za Kazi IDARA YA KUMBUKUMBU NA NYARAKA ZA TAIFA

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Job Opportunities at | Nafasi za Kazi IDARA YA KUMBUKUMBU NA NYARAKA ZA TAIFA (RAMD) ~ Afisa Kumbukumbu II


The Records and Archives Management Division was established in 1999 through the Government Notice Number 289 of 1999. Through this notice, the Government transferred the National Archives of Tanzania from the Ministry of Education and Culture to the President’s Office, Public Service Management.

However, the initiatives to effectively manage the records and archives started in 1963 when the President issued Circular No.7 which emphasized on the proper care and disposal of public records. The newly independent Tanzania saw the importance of proper records and archives management in order to implement effectively the new roles.

For that reason, the government established the National Archives of Tanzania in 1964, and subsequently enacted the National Archives Act No. 33 of 1965. This Institution was mandated to safeguard the archives of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Job Opportunities at | Nafasi za Kazi IDARA YA KUMBUKUMBU NA NYARAKA ZA TAIFA (RAMD) ~ Afisa Kumbukumbu II

In 2002, the Government decided to repeal the National Archives Act No. 33 of 1965 by enacting a new Act known as the Records and Archives Management Act. No.3 of 2002. The decision to repeal the Act was based on the fact that it covered only the management of non-current records and the current records were left without a legal backing.

This Act therefore, established the Records and Archives Management Independent Department with the purpose of providing proper Administration and better management of public records and archives throughout their life cycles.

Since 1999 it has been operated as a department under the President’s Office, Public Service Management until February, 2015 when new structure was approved by His Excellency; President of the United Republic of Tanzania. Under this new structure, RAMD has its own Vote (Vote 04) with four (4) Divisions and eight (8) Units.


The mandates of the Department have been stipulated clearly in the Records and Archives Management Act No.3 of 2002 as follows:

(i) Contributing to the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the Government of the United Republic by:-

a) Ensuring that public offices follow good record keeping practices;

b) Establishing and implementing procedures for the timely disposal of public- records of no continuing value;

c) Advising on best practices and established standards in record keeping in the public service; and

d) Establishing and implementing procedures for the transfer of public records of enduring value for preservation in the National Archives or such other archival repository as may have been established under the Records and Archives Management Act.

(ii) Preserve and make available for consultation public records selected for preservation in the National Archives or any other archival repository under the control of the Director;

(iii) To occupy and utilise the record centre/centres for the proper keeping of semi- current records; and

(iv) The department is entitled to receive one copy of every publication produced by the Parliament, government and higher courts of the United Republic and of every publication and dissertation produced on the basis of archival research carried out in the United Republic, without making payment in respect of such publications and dissertations.


(i) Formulation of records management policies, laws and procedures;

(ii) Co-ordination of record keeping in public offices and parastatal organization;

(iii) Custodian and management of semi-current records scheduled for further retention;

(iv) Preservation and management of all public records of enduring value; and

(v) Preservation and management of objects and documentary materials of the Founders of the Nation.


To become a centre of excellence in providing the highest standards of Records and Archives Management Services.


To ensure efficient and effective records management systems in the public service, preservation of archival heritage and provide its accessibility to the public.



i. Manage memory systems, maintain and manage the use of
records of Ministries, Independent Departments, Care Centers
records, Regions, Municipalities, District Councils, National Documents
and Public Bodies according to location;

ii. Identify and search records in the Registers of Ministries, Regions, Departments Independent, Municipalities, District Councils and Storage Centers National Records and Documents;

iii. Controlling computer-generated memory system, keeping and overseeing its use in Ministries, Independent Departments, Organizations and Local Governments according to location; and

iv. Other duties to be assigned to him by his supervisor.


Employed with a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Record Keeping and Preservation
(Records management and Archives) and its equivalent from Colleges recognized by the Government. Be computer literate.


Based on Government standards i.e. Salary level TGS.D


Rukwa Regional Administrative Secretary ~ 2 Posts

Dodoma Regional Administrative Secretary ~ 2 Posts

Iringa Regional Administrative Secretary ~ 1 Post

Tea Board ~ 1 Post

Kasulu District Council ~ 2 Posts

Job Opportunities at | Nafasi za Kazi IDARA YA KUMBUKUMBU NA NYARAKA ZA TAIFA (RAMD) ~ Afisa Kumbukumbu II


i. All applicants must be Citizens of Tanzania with an age not above 45 years
of age except for those who are in Public Service;

ii. Applicants must attach an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) having reliable
contacts; postal address/post code, e-mail and telephone numbers;

iii. Applicants should apply on the strength of the information given in this

iv. Applicants must attach their certified copies of the following certificates:-

 Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificates;

 Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma transcripts;

 Form IV and Form VI National Examination Certificates;

 Professional Registration and Training Certificates from respective
Registration or Regulatory Bodies, (where applicable);

 Birth certificate;

v. Attaching copies of the following certificates is strictly not accepted:-

 Form IV and form VI results slips;

 Testimonials and all Partial transcripts;

vi. An applicant must upload recent Passport Size Photo in the Recruitment Portal;

vii. An applicant employed in the Public Service should route his application letter
through his respective employer;
viii. An applicant who is retired from the Public Service for whatever reason
should not apply;

ix. An applicant should indicate three reputable referees with their reliable contacts;

x. Certificates from foreign examination bodies for Ordinary or Advanced level
education should be verified by The National Examination Council of Tanzania

xi. Professional certificates from foreign Universities and other training institutions
should be verified by The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) and
National Council for Technical Education (NACTE);

xii. An applicant with special needs/case (disability) is supposed/advised to indicate;

xiii. A signed application letter should be written either in Swahili or English and
Addressed to Secretary, Presidents Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat,
P.O. Box 2320, Utumishi Building at University of Dodoma – Dr. Asha Rose
Migiro Buildings – Dodoma.

xiv. Deadline for application is 21 September, 2021;

xv. Only short listed candidates will be informed on a date for interview and;

xvi. Presentation of forged certificates and other information will necessitate to legal


All applications must be sent through Recruitment Portal by using the
following address; http://portal.ajira.go.tz/ and not otherwise (This address also
can be found at PSRS Website, Click ‘Recruitment Portal’)

Kindly DOWNLOAD the Attached PDF FILE for more detailed information


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