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80 Call For Interview : Tume ya Madini ~ Technician II

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80 Call For Interview : Tume ya Madini ~ Technician II

The Mining Commission was established under the Mining Act 2010 as amended by Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendment) Act 2017. The Commission came into existence through the Government Notice No. 27 issued on 7th July, 2017.

The Commission has taken over all operational functions that were being performed by Minerals Division under Ministry of Energy and Minerals and all functions that were being performed by Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency (TMAA) and Tanzania Diamond Sorting Organization (TANSORT).

The responsibility of the Minerals Division shall now be advising the Minister on all matters related to the mining sector. The aim of the Commission is to enhance management of the Mining Sector and to ensure that the Government is benefiting from the income generated in a sustainable manner.

The Commission is established to perform the following functions: –

1. Supervise and regulate the proper and effective carrying out of the provisions of the Mining Act CAP 123;

2. Issue license under Mining Act CAP 123;

3. Regulate and monitor the mining industry and mining operations in Tanzania;

4. Ensure orderly exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Tanzania and the optimal utilization of mineral resources at all mining operations in accordance with the mining policies and strategy;

5. Resolve disputes arising out of mining operations or activities;

6. Carry-out inspections or investigations on health and safety issues related to mining operations or activities;

7. Advise the Government on, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to the health and safety of persons involved in mining operations or activities;

8. Monitor and audit environment management, environmental budget and expenditure for progressive rehabilitation and mine closure;

9. Counteract minerals smuggling and minerals royalty evasion in collaboration with relevant Government authorities;

10. Advise the Government on all matters relating to the administration of the Mineral sector with main focus on monitoring and auditing of mining operations to maximize Government revenue;

11. Promote and conduct research and development in the mineral sector that will lead to increased Government Revenue;

12. Examine and monitor implementation of feasibility reports; mining Programs and plans; annual mining performance reports; Environmental management plans and reports of the mining companies;

13. Secure a firm basis of comprehensive data collection on national mineral resource and technologies of exploration and exploitation for national decision making;

14. Issue, suspend and revoke exploration and exploitation licenses and permits;

15. Ensure general compliance with the laid down standards in mining operations, laws and the terms and conditions of mineral rights;

16. Monitor and audit quality and quantity of minerals produced and exported by large, medium and small scale miners, to determine revenue generated to facilitate collection of payable royalty;

17. Audit capital investment and operating expenditure of the large and medium scale mines for the purpose of gathering taxable information and providing the same to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and other relevant authorities;

18. Sort and assess values of minerals produced by large, medium and small scale miners to facilitate collection of payable royalty;

19. Produce indicative prices of minerals with reference to prevailing Local and International markets for the purpose of valuation of minerals and assessment of royalty;

20. Verify the forecasted capital investment specified under Section 41 (4)(c) for purposes of ascertaining mis-invoicing or any other forms of malpractice in respect of mining license and special mining license holders and providing the same to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) within 12 months after the issuance of such licenses;

21. Supervise and monitor the implementation of local content plan and corporate social responsibility by a mineral right holder; and

22. Provide, upon request, information to a mineral right holder or any other person who is engaged in mining operations.

Call For Interview : Tume ya Madini ~ Technician II

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