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Job Opportunity at Geita Gold Mine (GGML), Environmental Technician

New Job Opportunity at Geita Gold Mining Ltd  Procurement and Contracts Senior Supervisor

Job Opportunity at Geita Gold Mine (GGML), Environmental Technician

Geita Gold mine (GGML) is Tanzania leading Gold Mine producer with single operation in Geita region. The company is subsidiary of Agro Gold Ashanti an international gold producer. Their headquarters are in South Africa . the mine is situated in Lake Victoria Gold fields of Lake Victoria North west Tanzania only about 85km from Mwanza city and 20 km near port lake Victoria. The company head office is at Geita and also having offices in Dar es salaam . GGMl are inviting applicants to fill this position .
Application are invited from ambitious energetic and performance driven individuals to fill in vacant position
POST: Environmental Technician
Purpose of the Role
The role exists to carry out environmental monitoring data correction through sample, laboratory analysis as well as fetching data from Monitoring device. The role holder will also assist in managing environmental monitoring data Securely and efficiently use the available data management tools.
Main Key accountabilities
Water Quality Sampling and analysis

Inspect sampling points and routes

Calibrating multi parameters meters

Physical parameters measurement

Sample preservation

Prepare chain custody(Coc)

Transport of supplies to the laboratory

Conducting microbial analysis at the on site laboratory

Follow up with the laboratory contact person to get analytical results.

Air quality data collection

Exposing collecting and transporting fall out dust bottles to a laboratory

Exposing collecting and transporting diffusion tubes to a laboratory.

Downloading repairable dust data from dust Monitor

Meteorological data collection

Fetching Meteorological data from weather stations

Blast Noise and Vibration data collection

Measuring blasting related noise and vibration

Monitoring equipment maintenance and repair

Update monitoring equipment inventory

Update and keep to calibration and maintenance schedules

Data storage

Upload Data into the database on regular basis

Retrieve and share data as required by users

Skills and Knowledge on environmental monitoring requirements
Ability to use range of environmental monitoring tools
Skills and knowledge in monitoring equipment
Experience in environmental data management tools.


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