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63 Call For Interview | Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili ~ Namtumbo DC

186 Call For Interview | Mwanga District Council

63 Call For Interview | Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili ~ Namtumbo DC

Namtumbo District Council is one of the five Districts of Ruvuma Region in southern Tanzania, where the Council was established in accordance with the law on 02/08/2002 and was given official approval for the establishment of Council No.366 on 09/11/2006 to separate from Songea District Council.

Namtumbo is the famous name of Mtemi who came from Mozambique and lived in Namtumbo and had a good reputation something that made him famous.

The council has an administrative area of ​​20,375.10 square kilometers and occupies 1/3 of the total area of ​​the region, Namtumbo District is estimated to have 21 People per square kilometer.

The Council is located between Latitude 9’17 ‘and Latitude 11’45’ south of the equator and also between Longitude 35’57 ‘and Longitude 36’52’ east of GMT.

It is bordered by Songea in the West, Ulanga District (Morogoro Region) in the North, Tunduru District and Liwale (Lindi Region) in the East. To the south are the Ruvuma River and the international border of Mozambique.

Council Vision

Namtumbo District Council Vision is committed to a society with a healthy economy as well as sustainable development.

Liability of the Council

The role of Namtumbo District Council is committed to providing quality economic and social services to the surrounding community by focusing on better use of resources and good governance to enhance quality of life.

Core values

Namtumbo District Council in the implementation of its Strategic Plan focuses on the following: –

  • Efficiency (Diligence & Integrity)
  • Team spirit
  • Customer focus with courtesy
  • Accountability
  • Continuous learning
  • Disaster preparedness

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