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5 Job Vacancies at | Nafasi za Kazi Serikalini ~ Mkuranga


Mkuranga District was formally established when it was gazetted on 1st Julay 1995 in Pwani region. It was created out of the old  Kisarawe District also a district of Pwani region. It is one of the seven councils that form the Pwani Region.

The District council shares borders with Temeke Municipal Council (Dar es salaam Region) in the North, the Indian Ocean to the East, Rufiji District council on the South and Kisarawe District council to the west.

The administrative seat is in Mkuranga along the Dar es salaam-Mtwara road. In terms of international identification, the district lies between latitudes 6 o.35o and 7o.15 o south of the Equator and between longitudes 38o.12’ and 39o.30’ east of Greenwich.

Mkuranga DC has a total surface area of 2,432 sq. kms which is about 7.5 percent of the total surface area of Pwani region most of which is plain land with very few hills and valleys. Almost all the area is habitable.

Mkuranga DC with a land area of about 1,985 sq. km. equivalent to nearly 1980,500 hectares can be further subdivided into four broad classes according to land utilization. These areas are natural and forest plantations, arable land and areas for settlements.

The arable land available is 193,400 hectares which takes about 97 percent of the council land area. Out of the arable land in the district council, about 94 percent or 182,072 hectares are actually cultivated annually, Figure 1 shows land use pattern of the council


The vision of Mkuranga District Council is to ensure that its people have prosperous and sustainable high living standards


The mission statement of Mkuranga District Council is to provide quality Socio-economic services to its community through effective and efficient use of available resource and good governance for improved living standards

Mkuranga is administratively divided into 18 wards:

  1. Bupu
  2. Kimanzichana
  3. Kisiju
  4. Kitomondo
  5. Lukanga
  6. Magawa
  7. Mbezi
  8. Mkamba
  9. Mkuranga
  10. Mwalusembe
  11. Nyamato
  12. Panzuo
  13. Shungubweni
  14. Tambani
  15. Vikindu
  16. Kiparang’anda
  17. Njianne
  18. Vianzi

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