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5 Job Opportunities at Sokowatch, Dispatch Assistant

Job Opportunity at Sokowatch, Warehouse

5 Job Opportunities at Sokowatch, Dispatch Assistant

Position: Dispatch Assistant 
Job DescriptionAbout Us:

Sokowatch is modernizing informal retail across Africa by connecting small shops directly to suppliers through a digital ordering platform for free same-day delivery with additional financial services to help them grow. These retailers are home to over 90% of consumer purchases and Sokowatch is dedicated to bolstering these businesses by providing them with the technology-enabled solutions they need to thrive.

We are seeking a talented and motivated candidate to join our team as a Dispatch Assistant.

Sokowatch is looking for a Dispatch Assistant to work closely with our customers and the field agent, the dispatch will help in placing orders for the agent and assist customers when they have a problem placing orders and preferences and statistical data in order to support customers during their decision-making process regarding product designs, prices and promotions.

Location: Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, and Mbeya


Proven experience in field sales.

Able to multitask.

Able to relate with customers and solve their issues.

Smartphone and computer literate.

Ability to follow established procedures and practices and read the instructions.

Very good communication skills.

A problem-solving ability.

Must have and know how to use a smartphone

Fleet management experience is an added advantage

Duties & Responsibilities:

Ensures all customer orders are delivered OTIF in accordance to predetermined SLAS

Ensures that orders are assigned to the right DA

Ensures DAs are not overwhelmed with orders by distributing them to either replenishment agents or other agents in the same region

Categorizing orders with priority levels, bulkiness and advice on loading

Enhance the customer experience journey by promoting customers retention

Ensure DAs turnaround time is optimized thus monitoring slack performance per DAY

Maintain an up to date record of all the 3P vehicles assigned, fueling and mileage.

Drive on time communication to customers support team on failed deliveries or any other feedback to enhance the customer experience



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