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3 Government Job Opportunities at IAA – Various Posts

3 Government Job Opportunities at IAA -

3 Government Job Opportunities at IAA – Various Posts


The Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) is a parastatal educational institution established by the Institute of Accountancy Arusha Act of 1990. The overall control and supervision of the Institute is vested in its Governing Council.

The Institute has, over time, developed several certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate and Masters programmes, which it offers fulltime for one year for certificate, postgraduate and Masters programmes and three years for undergraduate programmes

Objectives and Functions

The objectives and functions of the Institute are to:

Provide facilities for the study of and training in the principles, procedures and ntechniques of accountancy and related subjects as the Governing Council may from time to time decide;

Conduct courses leading to professional qualifications in accountancy and related disciplines;

Sponsor, arrange and provide facilities for conferences and seminars for discussion of matters related to Accountancy, Finance, Business, Economics, Information Technology, and other management sciences.

Conduct research, and offer consultancies to business organizations, government, and non- governmental organizations, and arrange for publication and general dissemination of study materials in connection with the work and activities of the Institute.

Position: Various Posts (3 Vacancies)

Deadline: 14th April, 2022



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