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2 Job Opportunities at | Nafasi za Kazi TALGWU ~ Mhasibu Msaidizi Daraja la II

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2 Job Opportunities at | Nafasi za Kazi TALGWU ~ Mhasibu msaidizi daraja la II

What is TALGWU?

It is the Tanzania Local Government Workers Union which is registered under the Trade Unions Act No. 10 of 1998, and was given registration number 010 on 15/09/2000. TALGWU unites all existing employees under Local Government Authorities and other Institutions in the country where as of June 2018, the Association had 62,170 members.

TALGWU is affiliated with the Tanzania Confederation of Trade Unions (TUCTA), the International Federation of Trade Unions (PSI) and the African Local Government Confederation Network (AMALGUN). Thus a trade union is a unity, union, and solidarity of workers whose interests, goals, aspirations and aspirations are alike.

That union is the only solution to their problems.

TALGWU educates, advocates, and protects the employment and remuneration of its members in accordance with various laws, regulations, regulations, guidelines and work documents.

What is the purpose of establishing TALGWU?

To strive for and encourage employers to improve and improve the well-being of members in their lives at work and during retirement.

Negotiate and eliminate differences that arise between employers and members, or one member with another through peace negotiations / agreements whenever possible.

Supervise and advise on the formulation of best tropical agreements in the workplace.

Educate members in understanding the rules, regulations and disciplinary procedures applicable in the country.

Communicate with government on the need to enact appropriate labor laws and develop sound policies for economic and social development.

Protect the interests of members by contacting the government to avoid formulating policies that are harmful to members.

Advise the Government to reduce the employee’s salary tax.

Advise the Government to reform and repair Public Service Structures that do not harm our Members

Why should local government workers join TALGWU?

To be united in fighting for their rights and interests.

Gain representation in decision-making bodies.

Get legal help when they are experiencing conflicts at work.

Educated on various staffing issues

Vision and Responsibility

In order to achieve our goals and strategies TALGWU has the following Vision and Mission.


To be the most effective and independent Trade Union in Tanzania.


To mobilize Local Government Employees to fight for better service delivery, improvement of economic and social services, the presence of sustainable professional and professional development, and to strengthen collective bargaining power, to achieve a more equitable society through good governance.

The General Secretary of the Local Government Workers Union (TALGWU) is announcing the vacancies as follows.

2 Job Opportunities at | Nafasi za Kazi TALGWU ~ Mhasibu msaidizi daraja la II

The deadline for submitting the application is 18 September 2021.


Job Opportunity at | Nafasi za Kazi TALGWU ~ Katibu Mahsusi Daraja la II


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